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Wonder Woman

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Two weeks in, Wonder Woman is still the number one grossing box-office hit in the U.S, raking in over $435 million worldwide. Starring Sabra actress/model/former Miss Israel Gal Gadot, who is now poised to become the first A-league Israeli movie star ever, it follows Diana, an Israeli-accented warrior-princess and demi-god, as she grows and trains to be an unconquerable warrior on an all-female, all-warrior, all-Israeli accented Island. After a handsome American pilot fighter (Chris Pine) arrives at the Island and alerts Diana to the World War (I) raging outside, the two rush off to save the world through their combined military prowess. Besides being celebrated as the first super-heroine film to break the box-office glass ceiling, Wonder Woman is being both hailed and denigrated as a uniquely pro-Israel cinematic work. “Israel — and the Jewish people — need heroines such as Gal Gadot,” The Jerusalem Post wrote. “They present a picture to the world of the beautiful, sexy Israeli, countering the all-too-pervasive negative and ugly imagery of Israel and Israelis in the international media.” In Israel, the film’s premiere was celebrated with the Azrieli towers in Tel Aviv lighting up with words “proud of you Gal Gadot, our Wonder Woman.” Meanwhile, in Tunisia, Lebanon and Algeria, it was banned as “Zionist soldier propaganda,” citing a 2004 Facebook post by Gadot, a former IDF soldier, supporting the IDF’s war in Gaza. The debate about what this particular super hero really is and isn’t about continues to rage on.


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Wonder Woman